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marcifrank has been providing speech and language therapy services to children since 1999. She provides an innovative sensory and play based approach to assessment and treatment of communication delays and disorders. She has extensive training and experience in the development and implementation of individual and group programs within educational, clinical and home settings. Marci is trained in a range of therapy interventions, strategies and techniques including Sensory Integration (S.I.P.T.), Fast Forward©, L.I.N.K.S. to Language, P.E.C.S., Oral Motor Therapy, P.R.O.M.P.T., and Therapeutic Listening™. In addition to treating children, Marci has made presentations in her field to numerous parent groups and allied health professionals.

areas of specialty

A full range of diagnostic and remedial services are provided for children with communication delays and disorders associated with:

services provided


In-depth assessments that identify communication delays or disorders and determine the need for therapy or referral to other professionals. Assessment continues during intervention to chart progress and establish new goals.


Specialized programs are developed and implemented for each child participating in an individual or group therapy session.

facilitation training

Speech and language programs provide parents and other caregivers involved with the child information and support to help improve their child's ability to communicate.


Services include classroom observations and attending MET and IEP meetings. Assistance in researching and shopping for appropriate toys and materials for birthdays, holidays and special occasions is also available.

enrichness classes

Baby Sign®

Through interactive experiences, parents learn how to facilitate their baby's communication while boosting their baby's self esteem and confidence. This class provides families with education and quick ideas on how to promote communication and increase attention while reducing tears. Waving, pointing and shaking your head are all common signs that babies and toddlers pick up quickly. This class is designed to introduce parents and their children to the most popular signs that apply to their everyday lives.

Chit Chat

This class is ideal for children who have delayed speech and language skills and who have difficulty engaging in social interactions with peers. Through play based interactive activities, your child's speeh and language skills will improve. Chit Chat will help children develop peer awareness, facilitate smooth transitions of routines, increase oral motor skills and enhance their ability to understand and talk about the environment.

presentations and workshops

Baby Sign®

Learn a brief history and overview of research conducted on the benefits of using baby signs. Information is provided in the areas of when to start signing with babies, how to choose appropriate signs, suggested starter signs and how to teach signs successfully.

Speech and Sensory Integration

Learn about the seven senses; tactile, auditory, visual, olfactory, gustatory, vestibular and proprioception and how they relate to speech and language. An overview of speech and language disorders will be discussed. In addition, ways to incorporate sensory activities in treatment sessions will be explored.

Building Blocks to Speech and Language

Learn about the natural development and the disorders related to articulation, oral motor skills, and expressive and receptive language in children.

Deaf Children are Not Quiet

Learn about different types of hearing loss, hearing aids and cochlear implants. A variety of remediation programs will be explored including auditory verbal therapy, the Development Approach to Successful Listening (DASL), assistive listening devices and Cued Speech.

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